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Haters Gonna Hate June 8, 2012

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So I was listening to some music to help me concentrate on my writing (try it sometime), but while I was on YouTube looking up the music, I found several comments from atheists against Christians. On Christian songs, mind you.

And then I started thinking about how Christianity gets a lot of haters. Then I thought: what is the force behind hater culture?

So, like any good scholar, I decided to think about it using what I know combined with past knowledge and present experimentation.

For example, let’s try to think about why Christianity has so many haters.

First, what we know:

  • Most people in the world are either Christian or atheist. Christianity was the norm. Being atheist was not mainstream in America. (Now it’s becoming mainstream though).
  • Some of what the Bible commands goes against the will of some humans. Such as considering homosexuality a sin.
  • Marx became an atheist because his (Jewish) father joined a Lutheran Church for business reasons.
  • One of the atheist leaders was Darwin. Who created theories without proof.
  • Humans are wired to want control. Just think about that twinge of fear when a family member is driving too fast, or that feeling of domination when you beat someone at a game.

Thus, people probably hate Christians because:

  • They think they’re not jumping on the bandwagon by rejecting us.
  • They aren’t comfortable with knowing that every single human on earth right now is hopelessly sinful.
  • A childhood experience ruined the rest of their spiritual life (ooh I’m going Freudian here).
  • They seriously think that life can spontaneously generate.
  • They just don’t want to believe that they have no control of their life.
  • They just lost faith.
  • They saw religion for what it was (a fallible human institution) and chose to leave it, not realizing that the relationship with Jesus was better.

Now, I don’t know if all atheists think this way, but this is what I have observed. Of course, I haven’t talked to any atheists who are scientists and have actually done active experiments. Most I know are atheist without a cause. And, might I add, highly argumentative/slanderous and prefer to insert swearing into their debates at random times.

Perhaps I’ll share my testimony as a Christian someday . . . But not today.

Some other reasons that Christianity may have haters:

♦ Christians get to have their name capitalized and atheists don’t, which makes the atheists jealous.

♦ That durn secular music is just so catchy.

♦ Christians just play the “I’m atheist now” card as a reason to leave their church and sneak over to that fancy new-age nondenominational congregation, where everyone drinks Starbucks.

♦ They heard one Joel Osteen sermon too many.


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