Inspired by Jesus. From a Christian. For the Christian and anyone else who bothers to listen.

God’s Words: A Poem June 15, 2012

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You made the strong tree,
Made the birds so high,
You can write poetry
And guess what? So can I.
But the trees won’t withstand,
And the bird will soon fall,
Sometimes I don’t understand
Your divine Word at all.

I’ll admit that that I tend
To read without thought,
And I guess that should end
Whether it’s easy or not.
Because you are so good
And I will love you forever
Even if holiness, I know,
Is the world’s hardest endeavor.

I want to be in love with you,
Because you love me.
All you say is totally true,
In you, I can clearly see.
Teach me how to live, Healer
Always looking to you, Love
For you are my God, I hold you dear
Even though you’re worlds above.


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