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Spiritual Gifts: FAQ July 2, 2012

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So, with every Bible study there are always a few questions that the basic material doesn’t answer. And today, I’ll answer what a few of those questions may be.

Q. What’s the difference between a natural gift, a talent, and a spiritual gift?

A. A natural gift is any ability that someone has a gift for learning quickly. It’s being a “natural” at something. A talent is an ability that one achieves through practice, like learning how to play an instrument. A spiritual gift is an ability that one uses to aid the body of believers.

Q. What does it mean to discover your spiritual gift(s)?

A. To discover your spiritual gift(s) means to recognize what they are.

Q. Why do you keep saying spiritual gift(s) and not spiritual gifts?

A. Not everyone has multiple spiritual gifts. Some people are just differently gifted. But the Church (the group of believers in Christ, not the institution) can only function when people of all gifts are involved.

Q. How do I know what my spiritual gifts are?

A. Recognize your strengths. Do you think well in charge? You might have a gift of leadership. Are you encouraging and motivational? Perhaps you could have the gift of exhortation. Are you still stumped? The best thing to do then, is ask. Try asking a pastor or youth pastor who knows you well. They can definitely help, having studied the Word.

Q. I don’t have a certain spiritual gift. Am I exempt from doing work in the ministry that uses that spiritual gift?

A. (Romans 3:4)— by no means!


And that wraps up the series!

–The Jesus Freak Girl


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