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Hearing from God July 24, 2012

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Mood: The world is an awesome place.

Last night, I heard from a friend who had moved a ways away last week. I was really glad to know that they were doing well moving into their new house.

I also heard from a friend with whom I normally speak a couple of times a week, and realized that we’re probably not going to see each other in a while (3-4 weeks, which if you’re my age is a pretty long time).

Either way, I get to still talk with them fairly often through the electronic methods (being me, I am normally not one for phone calls :-p).

In today’s world, it’s great, being able to communicate in ways other than face-to-face. Texting, e-mail, video chatting, voice chatting, telephone even!

But those all have their limitations. Telephones aren’t always answered. Voice chatting is rarely as clear as the real thing. People can’t always video chat. Others don’t always respond promptly to e-mail. And with texting, you’re relying completely on text – no visual cues.

God is always available though. He is always there to unload your troubles. Would you like to hear what He has to say? There’s an app for that. Bibles are now readily available as apps and downloadable books. Don’t have a smartphone? Go steam punk with a book! ;-p

Communicating with God is an amazing experience. And he’s only a thought away.

A few tips:

      •Speak your thoughts to God. Keep no secrets, because God already knows them all and loves you still.
      •Use a book or a system if it helps. A friend of mine uses the ACTS method: Adoration (praise God), confession (I sin), thanksgiving (thank you), and supplication (prayer requests).
      •There is no right way or wrong way to pray. Do what you feel.
      •Anywhere, anytime: talk to God!
    •If God responds to you with his voice, then dude, you rock! Tell me what he sounds like. 🙂


—The Jesus Freak Girl
“Jesus loved you before people knew you existed.”


One Response to “Hearing from God”

  1. this subject makes me think of other things that happens to us every day, it makes me reflect a lot.

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