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Chick-Fil-A Controversy August 1, 2012

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If you haven’t heard about the huge hoopla being raised around the country about Chick-Fil-A, then you need a life.

The president of Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy, said in an interview that he doesn’t support gay marriage.

Now, people in places like New York want their local Chick-Fil-A closed. Same-sex couples and gay rights citizens are joining the fight, so in come the Christians to support their chicken restaurant!

Some may ask me where I stand on this issue. My response? People ask a Christian what his opinion is on gay marriage and then have act surprised and outraged when they don’t like the result! It’s laughable. Seriously. X-D

Note: Just because people don’t support gay marriage, it doesn’t mean they’re homophobic, people!

Okay. Rant over.

—The Jesus Freak Girl


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