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Olympian Humility August 9, 2012

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This year’s Olympics could quite possibly be my favorite of all time.

It wasn’t because of the Phelps/Lochte swimming domination. It wasn’t because of those five special female gymnasts. And it wasn’t even Aly Raisman’s . . . supportive parents.

It was because of the humility and grace with which our athletes accepted their victories.

Watching the track and field events, and listening to the winners, I couldn’t help but notice how grateful they all seemed after winning their events. In the interviews, almost all of them said something about God. How amazing is that?

Now, I definitely have a great respect for Olympic athletes who have their priorities straight, and everyone who can be on television and not get conceited from their fame.

Perhaps they serve as an example to others, the spectators, and the world’s young people. If this is our present, then perhaps the future just might turn out okay.

*The Jesus Freak Girl*


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