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Spam Commenting God August 23, 2012


Wow, look at these awesome comments! Oh, wait . . . I found a few problems with these comments:

  • The commenters were commenting on my post about future blog posts.
  • One of them called the post “informative”.
  • Another one said this was great for increasing their knowledge.
  • Yet another commenter went off talking about how they were looking for an easy task.

I know exactly what these comments are (hint hint: it has four letters, starts with “s”, ends with “m”, and has “pa” in the middle).

And if you have ever truly strived for a relationship with our Lord, then you have done the exact thing: spam commenting God.

You must be reacting to the fact that I pointed the spamming finger at you. “Why,” you say, “I pray every single day!”

But remember that Jesus said to not be like the babbling pagans, with their many words and little if anything else. If you are saying a prayer just for the sake of saying a prayer, then your words have no force behind them. It’s just babbling.

I’ll even admit that up until about 14 months ago, I was pretty passive in my prayer life. Freestyling my prayers was a thing I rarely did. My prayer life used to consist of:

  1. Hail Mary 3X
  2. Lord’s Prayer
  3. Infant Jesus Bless Me
  4. Dulce Madre
  5. Angela de la guarda
  6. Oh my God, I am so heartily sorry
  7. Hail Mary 1-5X
  8. Hail Holy Queen
  9. Another Mary prayer
  10. Apostle’s Creed
  11. Memory verse every Thursday and/or Friday

Yeah, I was Catholic when I was younger. Anyway, this eventually became a ritual, something without the force behind it. After a while, I tried to mean what I was saying and found that coming up with my own prayers better suited my needs.

What surprises me is that God still listens despite the fact that our prayers can be so lifeless sometimes. If someone were just babbling (duckspeak, Orwell calls it in Nineteen Eighty-Four), you wouldn’t be as likely to listen to them when they actually have something to say.

But God doesn’t work that way. He’s listening, expecting, reacting. And the way He works is just so astounding! He changes our lives, giving us blessings every day that we might not even realize.

I hope you can reflect on that for a while.

—The Jesus Freak Girl (Ιησού)

Have you ever noticed yourself spam commenting God?


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