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Transversing the Worlds September 6, 2012

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People can exist in different worlds. I’ve had that on my mind a lot lately.

Think about the last time you’ve been so deep in thought that the rest of the world got shut out. Remember that feeling, like you were in a trance, and the fight-or-flight response kicked in once someone interrupted you. I really hope I’m not the only person who experiences that. It normally happens like this:

Me: *playing at the piano, slowly fading into my own world*
G: Hey Erin. Hey Erin. Hey Erin.
Me: *still in trance*
G: *bangs on keys*
Me: *heart rate jumps, snaps back to reality and out of any thought I was able to accomplish*

At times, it gets quite humorous, like when too much of my attention is turned to the piano to hear my friend we’ll call HMT banging on the church door because he somehow got locked out.

But, anecdotes about which you don’t care aside, I figured out how to apply this to spirituality.

What if we could do that with prayer?

Those moments of fervent prayer, when you could just praise God for a thousand years, that connection, that love, it feels like nothing else.

“But, Jesus Freak Girl,” you say, “How do you do that?”

Let me tell you: God will get into your life if you let Him. It’s all about finding s system that works. For some people, just reading the Bible and thinking about the Word will put a spark into their life. On thing I recommend is watching Passion of the Christ. I’ve only seen one scene, and boy, did I walk away from it affected!

Truly, truly, I say to you, that the experience of becoming closer with God is highly subjective. If it were easy, everyone would be perfect. The reality is that we’re not, and that spiritual lives are often idealized.

A relationship with God isn’t as easy as pressing the “Staples” button, but when you finally break through that wall of humanity by realizing the Spirit within you, you will find all of the hardship more than worth it.

–The Jesus Freak Girl
“Having a close relationship with God is really difficult, but possible . . . Like swimming in the ocean in December without a wetsuit.”


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