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Hell Is Full of Hammers September 13, 2012

Filed under: Applied Faith,Christian Culture — christical @ 10:05 pm

“I’ve always imagined Hell as having this rack full of hammers that people have accidentally hit their fingers with *chuckles* . . . every time you say ‘damn’, you’re actually trying to use God’s power to send it to Hell.”
–Pastor, talking about cursing.

So, just a quick lesson for Friday.

Cursing: Asking God to send someone or something to Hell. An example is the “d” word. Using such a word in a situation so frivolous isn’t wise. Now, does God answer our request with a “yes”? I don’t think so! We can use this, however, as a point that God doesn’t always answer prayers with a yes.

Swear: Lying by God’s name. How many times have you heard someone said “I swear to God!” when you didn’t something they were saying. Typically this is a sign of dishonesty.

Have a great weekend everyone. God bless whatever you’re doing over the next few days. And, please, for everyone’s sake, clean up your mouth!

–The Jesus Freak Girl


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