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Step Out of What Happens in the Dark September 25, 2012

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People aren’t afraid of the dark; they’re afraid of what happens in the dark.

Over the years, darkness has come with the feelings of negativity, depression, and despair. I believe in the above quote. Children are often afraid of the dark because they think that monsters are hiding in the closet or under the bed, or even on the walls.

What happens from there? Do they just avoid the dark for years and years, hoping that they won’t eat caught in a sticky situation? By no means! The parents, the siblings, Grandma and Grandpa even, form an alliance and help the child to overcome their fear.

A similar event tends to take place at different points as an adult: anything from starting college, to getting married, to having children, to retiring. If only working rough the emotions experienced at each point were as simple as overcoming a fear of the dark!

But for each action, an equal and opposite reaction results. In this case, the force is a life event pushing you down, while your support team pushes you back up. As the intensity of the life event increases, so should your support team. You might even find yourself seeking professional services, namely, a counselor.

There’s always been a certain stigma about psychotherapy. The folks who started National Psychotherapy Day want to change that. I encourage you to check out their site and seriously consider whether you do need help getting through a rough patch in your life. People are there for you, no more than a metaphorical reach away.

Note: Thanks to my readers who have put up with my non-Christian rambling over the past month or so. Tomorrow, I will be writing a post about darkness and God’s creation. Stay tuned!



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