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Church October 8, 2012

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Church—what an experience!

At 6 P.M., the people start arriving. Conversations include anything from pleasantries to theology and from psychology to work stories.

6:15 comes, and the band starts to play. “Good evening everyone. Welcome to worship!” The worship leader exclaims joyfully. “Praise God that we are all here. We rise for our first song.”

After the first few songs, the first prayer of the night commences, accompanied by random keyboard arpeggios. Then we do the readings. Finally, “Pastor will share the Gospel with us.”

Eighteen minutes, forty-two seconds of a sermon later, Pastor takes prayer requests as the praise team gets back on the stage for some rocking during offering. Pastor says one last prayer.

When the praise team finishes their final song, the worship leader calls out a blessing. “Go in His peace, you are free!” The team launches into a reprise.

It may not seem like much to you, but to me, it’s one of the highlights of my week. Being on the praise team is an awesome experience, and its strange to imagine me still wondering what that crazy contemporary service is like.

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