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Affirmation October 15, 2012

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Time for an affirmation. I’m going to talk about who I am in Christ. As a Christian, I accept God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, all of that. But what do I believe I am?

In Jesus . . .
I can move the mountains with which God wants me to work and climb the ones with which He wants to work me.
I am able to gently touch the world while the world slaps me in the face, because God’s healing hand on me cures every wound.
I can see visions, I can dream dreams. And even if everyone laughs at them, I will not give up the world of God within me.
I accept that I can reach for the stars without ever being able to touch the sky.
I am a jar of clay, set apart by the potter for a special purpose.
I find myself drowning in His love, and I look to Him whenever I’m drowning in anything else.
I scream to the world that I am a Jesus freak and love it.
I ring out with praises to Him, while His Word rings out liberty with each toll.
I giggle and blush every time I think about that special guy who died for me.
I thirst for nothing else but to see God, and am satisfied.
I can live a PG rated lifestyle and want nothing more.
I know that whatever happens, there is no random.
I can pour out my heart, turning everything back to God, even when the first word of every sentence is “I”.
I proclaim: Jesus saves, God you reign, I love you Lord, endless hallelujah!

•The Jesus Freak Girl


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