Inspired by Jesus. From a Christian. For the Christian and anyone else who bothers to listen.

Drawing Jesus October 30, 2012

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Jesus came to my pencil as a sort of a rugged-looking guy today, more than a bit physically flawed though.

I’m glad that Jesus isn’t always depicted as being this hunky dude (Malibu Surfer Jesus, anyone?), because I think I’d find an overwhelmingly perfect guy sort of intimidating. Imagine that you meet someone with a spotless record, a gentle voice able to silence the greatest of religious leaders while healing the lowest of sinners, and astoundingly beautiful physical features? I’d shrink back faster than you could say “transubstantiation” (which, I suppose, would give me a lot of time, but I digress).

Jesus may have been God, but he was human, too.

It’s okay to approach Him with anything. He understands it all.



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