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Finding Forgiveness December 8, 2012

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(Twin and I arguing)
Sis: You’re not sorry, cause if you were, you wouldn’t keep doing it!
Me: (lowers voice) Do people keep sinning?
Sis: What?
Me: Do people keep sinning?
Sis: Yeah . . .
Me: What if God gave us the same reply?

Sometimes, we don’t focus on a picture clearly until we see it in a different light. I believe that through the above argument, I came a little closer to God tonight.

News flash: We are always sinners. No matter what, we will always mess up in some way or another. Try as we might, we will keep trying to walk on legs that are too weak to carry the burdens and anxieties that we bear.

What if God gave us a certain number of tries? What if we lie yet again, and we come to God asking for forgiveness, only to find that He doesn’t believe that we have truly repented? I mean, if you have the grace to forgive someone, then they should see your mercy and totally change to the “right” side for good, right? Wrong.

Forgiveness has no conditions. If you forgive someone, you are not obligated to become their best buddy. You are not obligated to pardon them from what they rightfully deserve. You are not obligated to enable them to keep sinning. Rather, by forgiving a person, you are releasing yourself from the anger you feel and the guilt from being angry. You are giving up the earthly power struggle between you and the grudge.

God has the mercy to forgive us and hold us in His arms when we come, crying, broken, and nearly dead. Perhaps it would do us well if we tried the same?

Your Mission: Who bugged you today? Think about the little brat at whom you’re still angry. You want to get back at them for their sneaky little misdeeds, make them sorry for every bad thing they did to you, don’t you (Trust me, so do I)? Take all of that emotion, look at the imaginary person sitting in from of you, and say, “I forgive you,” as sincerely as you can. Consider this: Jesus hung on a cross so you would not have to spend eternity in anguish after you died. Your sin killed Him. If God can forgive you for that, do you think you would be able to find it in your heart to ask God to help you forgive another person for the wrong they have done you?



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