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The Shootings December 15, 2012

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Many of us have already heard about the shootings in Connecticut yesterday in the morning. 28 people are now dead—18 children at the scene, 2 children in the hospital, six adults at the scene, one other adult in Connecticut (the shooter’s mother), and the gunman.

My prayers and sympathies extend to those who were affected by the shootings. I hope that the families of the 28 people who died would feel God with them. There is so much that happened because of this, and it’s caused a lot of pain and even fear all across America.

To be very honest, I’ve spent the day thinking of what I could say about this. But words cannot describe the way I feel about this tragedy. All I have are words of prayer.

God, I pray that you would keep America in your arms, especially those who are most closely affected by the shootings yesterday. As your will permits, let us learn from this experience and become closer to you. Amen.


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