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Bringing in the New Year January 2, 2013

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“We’re like a tree that’s planted by the water, we shall not be moved!”

In what way(s) would you like to become a stronger Christian this year?

I’ve said before that all people have a place in the community of believers. The New Year is a good time to undertake a new journey in faith.

A lot of people do this by resolving to attend church more often. Some people succeed in maintaining regular attendance throughout the year. As a praise band member, I’ve found a hilarious occurrence. Attendance tends to go from the teens to the thirties in January. The weeks slowly progress, and we lose a few people each time, until regular low attendance occurs again in April. During the summer is when we get our record lows of four and six.

Yes, I’ll admit that church can be somewhat kind of very boring sometimes, especially when you “have more important things to do” with your weekend.

Personally, I feel that if I forget God so much during the week in my words and my actions, then it won’t hurt me to spend an hour or two on the weekend learning about him.

Incidentally, the worship leader proposed that all praise band members resolve bring a friend to church this month. Logically, inviting more people should help attendance.

Here are a few ideas if you would like your own Christian New Year’s Resolution:

  • Go through with going to church more. I think we could all use this. Most churches have multiple services, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find one that works for you.
  • Volunteer. This might mean driving youth around for service projects or joining the church’s Stephen Ministry squad (an organization that equips members with basic counseling skills to help others in the congregation.
  • Read the Bible more often. This is made easy with Bible apps like YouVersion that come with reading plans.
  • Be a more Christlike person in your words. If you want to pick this resolution, it helps to work on cussing and gossiping less, as well as encouraging more.
  • Be more loving. This is one of my favorites. I fulfill it by giving small gifts, such as food, a cd, the occasional wildflower, and plenty of compliments to the people I consider important in my life.
  • •JFG
    “I resolve to be more Christlike in my words and actions.”
    “I also resolve to bring a friend to church this month. Thank you, worship leader.”


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