Inspired by Jesus. From a Christian. For the Christian and anyone else who bothers to listen.

You Are Like My Life January 18, 2013

Filed under: Homemade Praise — christical @ 8:27 pm



Like a child on a swing
Your love makes me feel free.
In you alone I trust.
To feel safe to fly, I must.

Like a dog in the car,
I’m free in who you are.
Look up and feel the air,
Knowing that you are there.

God, you free me and let me soar.
But you also draw me close to you.
You’re the one I’m living for,
Because I know you’ll hold true.

Like a young one deep in love,
I trust you, God above.
What evil shall I fear?
My love, you’re always near!

Like an adult with a lot on her mind,
I spend a lot of time looking behind.
When my past will not relent,
Please keep me in the present.

As an old man knows his wife,
I know you hold my life.
Whatever will happen to me,
You’ll thus within me be.


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