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Don’t Go Job 38 on Me! January 24, 2013

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The everlasting candle in the church is like the refrigerator light in the refrigerator, except the everlasting candle stays on when you close the door.

God: all-powerful, constant, loving, just, all-present, all-knowing. A great guy to have on your side, isn’t he?

But sometimes, we’d just prefer if God didn’t know everything. Especially when we sin, we try to be like Adam and hide. God sees us all the same. Praise Him for his forgiveness, or else we’d really be in trouble!

There’s another time in which we start to get a bit annoyed at God’s infinite wisdom. That time is when something goes wrong in our life and we want to blame God.

Job learned his lesson the hard way in Chapter 38. He asked God why his life had gone so terribly wrong. God had a long response (almost two chapters) full of questions for Job.

“God, I try to be a good person! I go to church, read my Bible, pray, try to be nice. Don’t you remember that one time last Tuesday where I could have gone to Vegas for the weekend and didn’t? So why did you let this hardship happen to me?”

God will turn right to you and say, “Were you there when I made the world? How deep is the ocean? What does the earth look like from high above the universe? If you know that a great injustice has been done to you on my watch, then you must know everything. Do you not trust me?”

In chapter 40, Job realized his mistake and admitted that he was human. Job is not alone; it’s natural for humans to question God.

Trials in life are inevitable, and yes, they’re hard to go through. But God is God. If God were to give us whatever we wanted and prevented every event we wanted Him to prevent, that would just make us greedy and make us think we were the ones in charge.

We’ve put the fate of large countries in the hands of men. Take a look at Ancient Rome, China, and even the USSR. Imagine what would happen if every person controlled their fate for themselves. The world would be a disaster!

God commanded the morning and gave the sun its light. He formed the earth when it was tohu wa-bohu (formless and void) and sacrificed Himself for all of humanity. If God can do all that, then I will certainly trust him with my life!

–The Jesus Freak Girl


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