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Lent Sacrifice Withdrawl February 16, 2013

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Lent is a season in the church known for (1) soup suppers and (2) sacrificing something for the duration of the season.

Among the most popular choices are candy, certain television shows, and meat.

However, among Christian circles, one of several awkward conversations can ensue when discussing Lent sacrifices.

Person A: So what did you give up for Lent?
Me: What?
Person A: It’s Lent. What did you give up?
Me: (pauses) Um . . . Nothing?
Person A: Oh.

Me: So did you give anything up for Lent?
Person B: Yes, I did.
Me: Cool, so did I! What did you give up?
Person B: I decided to fast every Friday and devote three hours each day to fervent prayer and Bible study, even more if I’ll feel like it. It’s great to discipline yourself and be so filled with the Holy Spirit? Did I mention that I’ve also decided to modestly deflect every compliment I receive? (laughs) What did you give up?
Me: Well . . . I gave up candy. But then I realized that the day after was Valentine’s Day, and my best friend’s mom made peppermint bark, so . . . I gave up candy every day except Valentine’s Day.

Me: So, Pastor, did you give anything up for Lent?
Pastor: Jesus says we’re not supposed to brag.
Me: Oh . . .

At best, Lent allows us to reflect on our mortality and devote time to prayer. It seems to turn quickly into a holiness war, though, doesn’t it?

During this season, I pray that we will remain focused on our Savior. Let us remember that we can use Lent to spiritually discipline ourselves to be more like Christ.


Has anyone experienced an awkward Lent conversation?


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