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Be a Donkey March 22, 2013

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This Sunday’s Palm Sunday. In the reading, you’ll hear about Jesus riding into town on a donkey.

Did you know that animals can sense an earthquake a bit before it actually happens?

Maybe the donkey knew that it was carrying the Son of God. Perhaps it received a feeling that Jesus wasn’t an ordinary guy. It might have felt the waves of the entry before the earth shook and the temple tore in two as Jesus conquered death. Maybe it didn’t. But I’d give so much to be in the awe of that moment.

Scratch that. I’d give so much to be that donkey and carry my Lord. He is my yolk. I know that by accepting him and holding him in my heart, he will hold me all of my life and accept me at the gates of heaven. If someone asked you to serve Jesus in such a way, what would you say? Some would say yes. Others would say no; what if you messed up and did something wrong for God? But truly, I tell you that we don’t need to fear. We come with nothing, and to Jesus, that is enough.

Jerusalem was the final frontier for Jesus. Jerusalem–the city that killed prophets. How ironic that Jesus came into Jerusalem knowing he would be crucified. What kind of fear would race through your mind?

Praise Jesus for his might and ability to overcome!


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    Thank you for sharing your Palm Sunday Message with all of us. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

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