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Good Friday: The Buffalo. March 29, 2013

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Good Friday is like a buffalo in the middle of a trail you’re hiking on. Ignoring it and going on your way, as well as throwing yourself into it, is a bad idea.

No; we respect the buffalo.

Likewise, thinking about the gory and bloody death of Jesus on the cross (especially how He died in OUR place) is not an easy topic. However, it is the rock on which we stand. Through that cross, we have salvation and life.

Is it hard to see that God payed the ultimate price to free us? Yes. Is it mentally painful to know that your sin did that to him? Yes. But remember John 3:16–God loved the world in such a way that He gave His son, that whoever believes in Him won’t die, but have eternal life.

Hear that? Our guilt doesn’t have to remain! Our God doesn’t keep obsessive records of our every deed. Jesus conquered death and freed us from that obsessive record-keeping. Now, we have family. We have identity. We are healed.

Have an observant Good Friday. May God bless our hearts.


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