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Thanks Guys (and Girls)! June 6, 2013

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Peace to you!

I logged onto WordPress today and was surprised to see a notification that exactly one year ago, I signed up for WordPress and started blogging for the first time ever. Honestly, it hasn’t felt like I’ve been writing for a year. Thanks to you subscribers and readers out there, that time passed so quickly.

Since I started blogging, I hope I have become a better writer and a stronger Christian. I’m blessed with almost 30 followers on my blog, 578 amazing Instagram followers, and many more unnamed readers.

Believe it or not, this site’s been viewed in 42 different countries! I pray that everyone who stumbles across this blog is spiritually refreshed, moved, or comforted by what’s written here. Most of all, I pray that God’s glory shines brightly through this blog.

Let’s hope this next year will be as good as (if not better than) the first!


What topics do you want to see covered this coming year?


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