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Sign of the Times? June 15, 2013

Filed under: Christian Culture — christical @ 11:46 am

I was watching television this morning and I put “Dragon Tales” into the VCR player (a VCR is a videocassette recording for you digital disk people) for two of my nieces. They called the tape a disk and tried to stick it into the DVD slot . . . One of the girls also learned how to use an iPad before I started using one.

Although new technologies certainly improve our lives (mostly for the better), sometimes I can’t help but long for earlier days when no parent in his/her right mind would buy their eight-year-old a mobile phone. “Who would they need to call?” they say.

Perhaps I’m just being a crotchety old person, or maybe I’m really onto something.

Part of a healthy emotional life is the ability to adapt to new changes while making decisions about what changes are beneficial for you and others, as well as to what extent the changes should take place.

Remember these?


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