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The Center of Action July 15, 2013

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Martha was a homemaker, clever and swift.

She always tended to be oddly busy.

Everyone said that she had a gift

For handling with ease what would make others dizzy.


Mary didn’t want to work so much,

She wanted to take a break

From work, home and such

To listen to Jesus for her soul’s sake.


Neither woman was wrong,

They both loved the Lord,

But one was a servant to make others strong,

The other was a student of the Word.

Earth is significantly less chaotic in certain places than in others.

If God has you in the bloodiest battle, then He has you in there for a reason. Likewise, if you’re in the medic tents or simply lending your support from afar, then he has his reasons for that as well.

Christians (and people in general) have a problem with stagnancy. If we’re not doing something that can truly impact other people, then we may begin to worry whether we’re doing anything worthwhile.

Out of all of the days you could live, God chose this day for you to live and grow. You never know what a simple smile and a short conversation can do for a person and for you. One smile leads to another. Countless times I’ve been thanked for smiling or for saying hello.

It made me realize that not all important decisions are heavy decisions.

It made me realize that the center of action may not be in the world with arguments; no, it may be that the center of action is whatever’s going on two inches behind the skull of the person sitting next to you.

Where’s your center of action? Are you a soldier on the field or a soldier of the soul?


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