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Peace and Nelson Mandela December 6, 2013

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St. Thomas Aquinas once said that man has a restless heart and a questioning mind. As humans, it’s natural to search for happiness, success, love, and peace. But the greatest of these is peace.

Nelson Mandela died yesterday at the age of ninety-five. All I can say is: what an amazing life. South African boy turned lawyer, imprisoned for twenty-seven years. He was subjected to conditions that would destroy most. But what happened? He was one of the most gracious and compassionate men the world has ever known.

Even rarer than the brilliant warrior is the brilliant diplomat. Of course, in any situation, tact is key. But I feel that it takes a certain kind of person to be able to look your enemies in the eye and shake their hands, especially if you do so the day after you get out of prison.

I truly pray that today’s leaders can remember Mandela for his love and the way he could begin to restore a broken nation. Who knows: maybe his example can translate to our friendships? Our families? Heck, the Christian church?



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