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Love the Stillness June 10, 2013

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Summer is here. It’s time to kick back and take some time for the self.

We have freedom to do what we please. Thus, we occupy ourself with tasks until we are done with those tasks.

What do we do then? After we’re done, we don’t have anything else to do, so sometimes, we just sit in stillness.

For many, the sound of silence is one of the most unsettling sounds. We’re not sure what to do because our minds are used to being constantly stimulated. As a former teacher of mine once said something along the lines of, “In this day and age, we have trouble focusing on anything that doesn’t have a screen.”

In this stillness, we begin to focus on ourselves. I’m not talking about self-absorbed thoughts; I’m talking about introspection.

When we start to introspect, or look inward, and observe ourselves, we notice parts of ourselves that we had begun to ignore. It’s the way that your hands use a sink so gently, but a hose so forcefully. We wonder about the things we did last week (such as cleaning out the refrigerator) and whether they were worth doing (trust me, it was). Deep regrets come up, too.

I’ve said before that if you have trouble hearing God, perform a sound check on the rest of your life. Is the volume of your job, your social life, or even your moral responsibility blocking out the song of God?

Embrace the stillness, my brothers and my sisters! It’s in that unsettling silence that we’re comforted by God. When we leave a huge gap of silence, something will fill it. For Christians, God fills that gap.


This Week: When you find yourself in a sudden silence, pray about anything. Pray about everything. God’s focused on you, and in that moment, so are you. 


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